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Q: What it is?
A: It's like other counterpick websites, but it fetches data from Dota 2 Wiki instead of dotabuff, meaning that you will see the reasons why one hero counters another and can actually contribute to. The idea behind the site is to give suggestions what to pick, and you choose what will better fit with your role, lane selection, personal experience etc.

Q: What's the merit of using this over Overwolf dota plus or other counterpick websites?
A: They all are using dotabuff stats for pick suggestions, which is not always accurate, and you don't get some extra details why these heroes were suggested apart from winrate stats.

Q: I found some information inaccurate/incomplete.
A: Just edit counters page on Dota 2 wiki, (i.e. for Pudge it would be Pudge/Counters).
Both Bad against... and Good against... sections are processed. Please only add tips/counters that are commonly accepted and practiced. There is a short guide for newbies: Editing_Guides_and_Counters.

Q: What choose your rank dropdown is for?
A: It allows to sort results by average hero winrate and pickrate for chosen rank.

Q: Can I prioritize enemy heroes by role or player rank?
A: Not yet.

Q: I have a suggestion. How do I contact you to share it?
A: Send me PM on reddit.